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Building a team is another step in developing a new business. Working in a team-oriented environment contributes to the overall success of the business or product. Even though each individual has a specific function, all are unified with other members of the team to accomplish overall goals and objectives. Here are some steps to get your started.

Develop a vision with clear expectations. This means explaining to other members why the team was created and what the goals consist of. The vision should contain challenge and pride and provide opportunity. Do team members understand why they are participating?

Commitment is the same for leaders and team members. Does everyone want to participate on the team? Do members understand the goals and feel the mission is important? Do team members expect their skills to grow and be appreciated? Are team members excited and challenged by the team opportunities?

Communication and trust is necessary in team leadership and vision. When trust prevails, team members are more willing to stick through the tough times and risk potential loss. When vision is first understood, commitment and trust come more easily and are genuine. The plan must include for leadership to share both the reward, as well as the risk, with other team members. Communication is essential for success with team members. Leaders should remember these three things: good listening, non-assumptive questioning and directed response. Non-assumptive questions include, what do you think? Can you explain what is happening with this report?

Other things to consider when building a team include creative innovation, meaning does the team value creative thinking, new ideas and does the company reward people who take risks to make improvements to the business? Also, consider cultural change and how the business or organization plans to handle these types of changes over time.


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