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Selling your idea actually begins with your market research and developing a marketing plan. The more information you have about your product, the better. Is there anything like it on the market today? The more unique your idea or product, the better your chance of selling it to an investor. Other questions to consider are: who will be the target audience for your idea, how much are people willing to pay for it, what is like it that is offered locally, nationally or internationally?

Next, we’ll focus on preparing to meet with investors. Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation for your meeting. Have your marketing and business plan along with financial data you’ve gathered and information about yourself. Write a two or three page summary of the business plan. The plan should clearly state how much you are looking for as an investment for your idea or business.

Next, set up a meeting with potential investors. You might find interested investors online or within your community. There is information online about searching for potential investors in your area. Book a conference room or set up a meeting at a location of the choice of the investors. Do a practice run of your presentation so you’ll be prepared and confident. Arrive early for your meeting and dress properly. Thank your investors for coming and present your plan in a clear, concise manner. Maintain regular eye contact as you talk about your PowerPoint presentation.

Finish by answering any questions potential investors might have, but be brief. After questions are done, thank everyone again, shake hands, give each a business card. Let them know you’ll be available for any further questions and make sure they have an easy way to get in contact with you.


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